AR# 58760

LogiCORE IP LTE UL Channel Decoder v4.0(Rev. 3) - The event_irictrl_waiting output might behave incorrectly when simulating with VCS


When simulating the core with VCS in Vivado 2013.4, the event_irictrl_waiting might behave incorrectly.

This is a simulation-only error that occurs only when the core is configured with a part set to "Full Uplink Channel Decoder".


To work around this issue, simulate with Questa or the Vivado Simulator. 

This issue is planned to be fixed in Vivado Design Suite 2014.1.

For a detailed list of LogiCORE IP DUC/DDC Compiler Release Notes and Known Issues, see (Xilinx Answer 54484)



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54484 LogiCORE IP 3GPP LTE UL Channel Decoder - Release Notes and Known Issues for Vivado 2013.1 and newer tool versions N/A N/A
AR# 58760
日期 06/12/2014
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