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This Answer Record contains child answer records covering Unisim & Simprim Xilinx Simulation Libraries. The answer records provides explanation of these issues which you may face while using Unisim & Simprim Xilinx Simulation Libraries. The answer record also contains information related to known issues and good coding practices.

Note: This article is part of Xilinx Simulation Solution Center Xilinx Answer 58795. The Xilinx Simulation Solution Center is available to address all questions related to Simulation. Whether you are starting a new design with Vivado Simulator or troubleshooting a problem with a supported third party simulator, use the Xilinx Simulation Solution Center to guide you to the right information.


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(Xilinx Answer 62183) cascaded DSP48E2 slices report DRC warning in simulation: [Unisim DSP48E2-7], why?
(Xilinx Answer 60984) 2013.4/2014.1/2014.2 Vivado Simulation - PCIE_3_ 1 - VCS VHDL simulation reports Error Type mismatch 'SIM_JTAG_IDCODE' is STD_LOGIC_VECTOR, but formal 'SIM_JTAG_IDCODE' is INTEGER 
(Xilinx Answer 42133) IODELAY - Why is there an insertion delay even when tap is set to 0 in behavioral simulation? 



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