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Vivado IP Integrator, Zynq-7000 - How do I connect PL interrupts to the Zynq-7000 PS?


How do I connect PL interrupts to the Zynq-7000 Processing System (PS)?

What is the resulting ordering?


  1. In the Processor System 7 GUI, enable the setting Interrupts->Fabric Interrupts checkbox, and the IRQ_F2P[15:0] shared interrupt port checkbox.
    This setting will enable the IRQ_F2P port on the Processing System 7 block.

  2. Since the IRQ_F2P port is a vectored interface, the typically single-bit interrupts signal from peripherals will need to be vectorized in order to be connected.
    This is performed using the IP Integrator Concat IP block.
    Add the Concat IP block to the block diagram and configure the number of desired interrupt inputs.

  3. Connect the individual interrupt signals to the Concat block IN port.
  4. Connect the Concat block dout port to the Processing System 7 IRQ_F2P port.

ID Ordering

Note the ordering of the how the Concat block vectorizes the interface and connects each interrupt to the ARM GIC.
The IDs will be available in the Export to SDK xparameters.h file.

2013.4 and earlier software versions example:

Concat IN0[0:0] is connected to IRQ_F2P[15] => ARM GIC ID 91.

Concat IN1[0:0] is connected to IRQ_F2P[14] => ARM GIC ID 90.

2014.1 and later:

Currently, the Concat block is planned to be modified to order its inputs in incrementing order to start from the lowest IRQ_F2P and GIC ID of 61 and increment instead.
Automatic upgrade functionality is planned for existing 2013.4 and earlier designs to maintain the existing ordering with the new Concat block functionality.

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