AR# 591


PC INSTALL XACT 5.1.1: Key does not enable PROSERIES tools, possible cause


Version 5.1.0 of XKEY is installed instead of 5.1.1

Access to VIEWLOGIC PROSERIES tools is not provided after install of 5.1.1.

The Install program has two versions of XKEY on the 5.1.1 CD. The first

version is 5.1.0 while the second is 5.1.1. The later version has the ability

to access the new features of the Xilinx C key while the former cannot.


There are two possible reasons for having the wrong version:

1) The user installed into a new directory and chose the products

that installed both XKEY programs and the older version overwrote

the newer one.

2) The user did not follow the PRO Series Installation Guide and

installed XACT 5.1.1 OVER the previous tools and did NOT select



Reinstall the DS371 overwriting the current setup, or extract XKEY.EXE from the

CD and place the new version of XKEY in the XACT directory.

A single ZIP file can be found in D:\PC1\DS502\GROUP19. When this file is

unzipped, several executables will be extracted, including the correct version

of XKEY.

AR# 591
日期 04/12/2010
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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