AR# 59194

Vivado - How to modify the maximum traceable size limit in Simulator


When I add a large signal into the waveform window, I receive the below message in Vivado 2013.4:

add_wave {{/top_tb/uut/u1/U0/native_mem_module/mem_module/memory_i[65535][31]}}

WARNING: Simulation object /top_tb/uut/u1/U0/native_mem_module/mem_module/memory_i[65535][31] was not traceable in the design for the following reason:
The number of elements in the requested object is 2097152, which exceeds the maximum traceable size of 65536 elements.

ERROR: [Wavedata 42-43] There are no traceable objects to add.



You can modify the trace_limit property to solve the issue.
For example:
set_property trace_limit 2097153 [current_sim]

Starting from 2014.1,  the message includes directions for using set_property to change the trace limit.

AR# 59194
日期 08/28/2014
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