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2013.4 Vivado, SDK - "ERROR: Download error: TCF command exception..."


If I attempt to download ELF with TCF (Debug as > System Debugger), the following error occurs:

17:11:45 ERROR : Download error: TCF command exception:
Command: Memory fill "JTAG-jsn-JtagSmt2-210251810261-4ba00477-0.0", 4294705152, 4, 1180, 0, [0,0,0,0]
Exception: OCM is not enabled at 0xfffc0000. Invalid address
Error code: 17

It seems the debugger is trying to initialize the address 0xfffc0000 (OCM). As a default, OCM is not mapped to this address.

In my linker script, "NOLOAD" option is used in the section which is mapped to 0xfffc0000. So, I expect the debugger not to access to this address during loading ELF.


To solve this issue, apply the attached patch to SDK 2013.4.

Extract the ZIP file and overwrite the following file:

<Path to SDK>\2013.4\eclipse\nt64\eclipse\plugins\com.xilinx.sdk.tcf.debug_1.0.0.jar


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AR# 59232
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