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MIG 7 Series - Running example design produces [Constraints 18-402] warnings due to invalid startpoints


Version Found: MIG 7 Series v2.0 Rev 2
Version Resolved: See (Xilinx Answer 54025)

When running the MIG 7 Series example design, the following warning messages may be displayed:

[Constraints 18-402] set_max_delay: 'u_mig_7series_1/u_mig_7series_1_mig/temp_mon_enabled.u_tempmon/device_temp_r[9]_i_1' is not a valid startpoint. 


This is a known issue as a result of an invalid filter set on the set_max_delay constraint.

The XDC command referenced in the above warning is:

set_max_delay -datapath_only -from [get_cells -hier -filter {NAME =~ *temp_mon_enabled.u_tempmon/*}] -to [get_cells -hier -filter {NAME =~ *temp_mon_enabled.u_tempmon/device_temp_sync_r1*}] 20

This set_max_delay has wildcards that are including LUTs in the startpoint list.

The get_cells associated with the "-from" portion of the above constraint needs the "IS_SEQUENTIAL" filter added to avoid this.

set_max_delay -datapath_only -from [get_cells -hier -filter {IS_SEQUENTIAL && NAME =~ *temp_mon_enabled.u_tempmon/*}] -to [get_cells -hier -filter {NAME =~ *temp_mon_enabled.u_tempmon/device_temp_sync_r1*}] 20


set_max_delay -datapath_only -from [get_cells -hier -filter {IS_SEQUENTIAL == TRUE && NAME =~ *temp_mon_enabled.u_tempmon/*}] -to [get_cells -hier -filter {NAME =~ *temp_mon_enabled.u_tempmon/device_temp_sync_r1*}] 20

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AR# 59517
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