AR# 5958


FPGA Compiler / Design Compiler: LUT programming information dropped for Virtex designs (NgdHelpers:406)


Keywords: Synopsys, Compiler, Virtex, LUT, programming, NGDBUILD, 406, dont_touch,

Urgency: HOT

General Description:
When implementing a Virtex design that was synthesized by Synopsys' FPGA Compiler or
Design Compiler, the following error may occur in Translate (NGDBUILD):

ERROR:NgdHelpers:406 - The LUT2_L symbol "U1/add_628/add_628/A_LUT_4" does not
have any programming information. The behavior of a LUT2_L symbol must be defined by an
INIT property or an EQN property.

This will repeat for many instances of LUT components that do not have the proper attributes.
The "LUT2_L" mentioned in this instance can also refer to other LUT components, like LUT3
or LUT4 and may not necessarily include the "_L".

This issue is similar to the one described in (Xilinx Solution 5048), but in this case the commands
mentioned (uniquify and replace_fpga) are not used when synthesizing.


This error may occur if identical Designware components are inferred in different levels of
hierarchy in the design.

To work around this issue, compile the levels of hierarchy that contain the duplicate
Designware components individually and place a "dont_touch" attribute on that level.
To find the levels that contain these instances, look at the error messages. For example,
if the errors included these instances:


then you know that components instantiated as U1 and U2 both have adders that have
been inferred using identical Designware components. The name "add_628" in this case
is an inferred adder; you may see other names referring to arithmetic components like
subtractors, comparators, etc.

In this case, U1 and U2 instantiate modules lower_a and lower_b. Compile one of these
levels on its own and place a dont_touch before moving on to the rest of the design.
One could also do the same for lower_b as well. This must be done if the same module
is instantiated more than once, regardless of what components are inferred within it.

/* sample dc_shell run script */

read -format verilog lower_a.v
set_dont_touch lower_a

read -format verilog lower_b.v
read -format verilog top.v

current_design top

set_port_is_pad "*"


set_attribute top "part" -type string "XCV50-FG256-4"

ungroup -all -flatten
write -format edif -hierarchy -output top.sedif
write -format db -hierarchy -output top.db

FPGA Express / FPGA Compiler II do not exhibit this problem.
AR# 5958
日期 04/25/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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