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Vivado HLS 2014.1: How do I compile with Microsoft Visual Studio?


How do I compile with Microsoft Visual Studio?

The user guide UG902 used to provide instructions on how to compile using Microsoft Visual Studio, but this info has been removed.


Note: This Answer record uses the same wording as was previously included in Vivado HLS User Guide 902.

Please see this user guide for the information later in the chapter mentioned in the Answer Record.

Microsoft Visual Studio Compiler (MVSC) can compile the code before using High-Level Synthesis.

When the functions are to be compiled with the High-Level Synthesis header files, such as those used with arbitrary precision integers (these are discussed in the section Arbitrary Precision Data Types later in this chapter) there are special considerations to be aware of.

Compiling C
C functions using arbitrary precision integers, as defined by High-Level Synthesis header file ap_cint.h must be included as discussed in the section Arbitrary Precision Types with C.
MVSC cannot be used for C designs that use High-Level Synthesis arbitrary precision types.

Compiling C++
C++ functions that include High-Level Synthesis header files must have the location of the header file specified in MVSC.
To specify the location of the High-Level Synthesis header files in MVSC,
1. Click Project
2. Click Properties
3. In the panel that opens, select C/C++
4. Select general
5. Click Additional Include Directories and add the path as show in the figure below:



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