AR# 59860


XAUI v12.0 and RXAUI v4.0, Vivado 2013.4 and earlier - Update to hold off further resets to GTs during reset_in_progress


In Vivado 2014.1, XAUI v12.1 (Rev. 1) and RXAUI v4.2 have updated reset logic.

XAUI v12.0/RXAUI v4.0 and the updates provided in (Xilinx Answer 56312) or (Xilinx Answer 56313) added an additional reset_in_progress logic to avoid internal interruptions to the reset sequence due to timeout counters.

However, if resetdone was already high at the start of the reset sequence, it was still possible for one additional reset to be issued during a reset sequence.

The following configurations are affected:

XAUI 7-Series GTP and GTH
DXAUI 7-Series GTP
RXAUI 7-Series GTP


The code had been updated in XAUI v12.1 (Rev. 1) and RXAUI v4.2 released in Vivado 2014.1. 

If using the core in ISE, please contact Xilinx technical support.



AR# 59860
日期 04/17/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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