AR# 59896

2014.1 - SDK - Cannot Execute from second Zynq device in JTAG chain


In my JTAG chain, I have more than one Zynq device.

However, if I try to execute my application, or program the FPGA on any device other than the first device, the task will be executed on the first device only.

How can this be addressed?


To fix this issue first download the attached zip file.

Now follow the instructions below for the tool version you have installed:

2013.4 - The binaries from the zip should go to $XILINX_SDK/bin/<platform>/unwrapped

2014.1 - The shared libraries should go to $XILINX_SDK/lib/<platform>

14.7 - The binaries from the zip should go to $XILINX_SDK/bin/<platform>/unwrapped


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AR# 59896
日期 05/21/2014
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