AR# 60059

IP Soft Error Mitigation Example Design exceeds physical I/O count of xc7z010


When targeting the 7Z010 device, the SEM IP may use more I/O ports than are physically available on the device.


The Zynq 7Z010 device has 54 High Range I/O ports.

The IP example design has up to 56 I/O ports, depending on the IP configuration.

When implementing the SEM IP with the provided example design for a 7Z010 device, the following DRC error may arise:

ERROR: [Drc 23-20] Rule violation (IOCNT-2) Number of HP/HR IOs - The design contains 56 unplaced High Range-only I/O ports while the target device, xa7z010clg225-1Q, has 54 remaining

User will need to remove some of the IP's example ports from connecting I/O for the example design to fit in the target device.  For this small device it is more reasonable to use post-crc functionality than SEM IP.

This is not an IP issue, but instead a limitation of the device with respect to I/O pin count.



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AR# 60059
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