AR# 60140


Vivado - Launching Synthesis or Implementation runs results in the run hanging with the queued status


When launching a Vivado synthesis or implementation run on any version of Vivado IDE, the run hangs in the "queued" status, and does not launch.


This issue has been seen in the following situations:

On Windows 7 the queued state occurs when the system will not correctly launch batch runs in Windows.

Vivado uses batch commands to launch a synthesis or implementation run, and if the batch command fails the run will hang in this manner.

This can be due to an incorrect ComSpec environment variable.

The value for this variable should be "C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe".

To resolve this issue:

1) Open the System Properties screen by right clicking My Computer > Properties > Advanced System Settings.

2) Select Environment Variables.

3) Verify that the ComSpec variable has the correct association to cmd.exe, and if the pointer is not correct, alter the value.

If the issue only occurs in one version of Vivado, the queued state has been observed where a user has applied a Software patch by installing the patch over the existing install (instead of using the MYVIVADO method) and the patch contains a baseline.txt file.

To resolve this issue:

Check the directory C:\Xilinx\Vivado\<Version number>\data and look for a file named baseline.txt

If the file exists, remove it and then re-open Vivado and try to run a synthesis process.

This will appear to happen if a timeout is set for all scripts.

Check the [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Script Host\Settings] registry setting.

If it is set, remove the value.

If it only affects one version of Vivado, check if the LSF support feature has been turned off.

Right click on the synthesis run and ensure that the "local host" option is checked.

If the LSF feature was previously enabled on Windows, you will need to set that parameter again temporarily to move away from the LSF setting.

This permanent queued status will occur for a specific project if the project name contains parentheses.

For example: project_1(test1).

The Vivado runs flow is not able to handle the parentheses in the project name and runme.bat file fails prematurely.

To resolve this issue, use the "Save Project As" operation to save the project to a name that does not use parentheses.

In Vivado 2015.3 project names with parentheses will not be allowed.

A run will get stuck in the queued state if the permissions on a vrs_config files in the project.runs/.jobs directory are not set for read/write.

For Example:

C:\test_area\project_1\project_1.runs\.jobs>ls -al
--wx------ 1 usr1e Domain Users 580 Jun 26 13:21 vrs_config_11.xml

Change the permission of the wrs_config file to 777.

If none of the above are helpful:

  1. From the Tcl console run the following:

    reset_run synth_1 and launch_runs scripts synth_1

  2. Open the \project_1\project_1.runs\synth_1 directory and see what files have been created.

    Examine the runme.bat and rundef.js files.

  3. Runme.bat is a short batch file that sets one directory variable, changes the directory to the variable set and then launches a script with a command similar to the following:

    cscript /nologo /E:JScript "%HD_SDIR%\rundef.js" %*

Can the batch file be run from a system command window?

Rundef.js is the run script that runs the synthesis step.

Check to see if this script runs if you CD to the run directory in a command window and use the command line from the runme.bat.

If it does not run, are any further messages provided?

Please provide debug steps and information to Xilinx technical support.

AR# 60140
日期 05/24/2018
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