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AR# 604

Viewlogic PROseries 6.0: System Error, sharing violation on drive <drive>:


While running PROseries software (or other file-intensive Windows software)
a pop-up appears in Windows with the above error. The system believes that
two programs are trying to access the same file at the same time. The program
which typically keeps track of this information is called SHARE, and is part
of MS-DOS. SHARE is required by Win32s (the system that allows Windows 3.1x
to run 32-bit code), which PROseries uses.
It is highly likely that the error above is caused by a problem with SHARE
itself. SHARE does have some flaws which cause it improperly handle file
sharing and file locking.


Microsoft has written a Windows-specific file sharing utility called
VSHARE.386 which fixes most of the problems encountered with SHARE. The
latest version of VSHARE.386 (which is even more recent than the one in
Windows for Workgroups 3.11) is available on Microsoft's BBS and FTP sites.
Alternatively, you can download it from the Xilinx FTP/BBS as WW1000.EXE.
This is a self-extractive archive that includes a README.TXT file on how to
install VSHARE.386 into your Windows environment. After VSHARE.386 is
installed, the SHARE line in your AUTOEXEC.BAT should be disabled.

The location of this file on the BBS is Software Help -> XACT-PC.
The FTP address is http://www.xilinx.com/txpatches/pub/swhelp/xact-pc
AR# 604
日期 10/01/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章