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LogiCORE IP Video Scaler - How do I scale interlaced content?


How do I scale interlaced content?


Xilinx does not support using the Video Scaler for scaling interlaced content, and does not recommend using the Video Scaler in such applications. It is recommended that users deinterlace the content before passing it to the Video Scaler.

The Real Time Video Engine (RTVE) is an example application that demonstrates how to deinterlace the video content before scaling it:

To use the Video Scaler to scale interlaced video content, you can use the phase start_vpa_y and start_vpa_c in the Video Scaler v8.1 and earlier.

Using this you can vary the starting phase until you get results that are acceptable for their application. 

Because the Video Scaler is not supported for Interlaced applications, the user is responsible for all characterization.



AR# 60484
日期 02/04/2016
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