AR# 6069


1.5i 3K Map - Map ignores unbonded pad types and creates bonded IOBs which can lead to overmapping and bitgen errors.


There is a problem in xnf2ngd where xnf files with unbonded pads in the
form of EXT statements:


are dropping the unbonded property, which leads to map treating them
as bonded pads. This can lead to overmapping errors or DRC errors
when bitgen is run.



A work around is available for this problem. It involves modifying the
.xnf file by substituting an unbonded pad symbol:


for every unbonded EXT statement:


The following perl script can be used to make the substitutions.
Keep in mind that the Cntl-M charachters will be corrupted by cut and past
and should be re-entered. The path to the perl exec will need to be modified
for the user's environment. Work Station users should remove the Cntl-M (^M)
from the string matching test in line 5 because the Cntl-M's only appear iin
PC generated .xnf files.

while (<>){
@fields =split(/,/);
if ($fields[0] eq "EXT" && $fields[2] eq "U^M") {
$pad="${net}_PAD" ;
print "SYM,$pad,UPAD^M\n";
print "PIN,UPAD,I,$net^M\n";
print "END^M\n";
else {
print "$_\n" ;

The command to run this script is: orig.xnf > hacked.xnf


A fix for this problem is scheduled for the 2.1i release.
AR# 6069
日期 04/25/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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