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Vivado HLS 2014.1: The GUI does not allow to select other parts than 7-Series like Virtex6 or Spartan6 but the TCL script support it.


With Vivado HLS 2014.1, there is an issue in the GUI where parts other than the 7-Series (for example Virtex6 or Spartan6) cannot be selected when creating a project from scratch in the GUI.

When run from the Vivado HLS TCL shell the tool will work without issues.


In 2014.1, the GUI for Vivado HLS pulls the FPGA part list from Vivado.

The list does not include the pre 7-series parts, as they are not supported by Vivado. 

Because of this, the pre 7-series FPGA parts do not show in the Vivado HLS GUI.
The Vivado HLS tool still supports those parts and they can be selected by using a TCL script to create the project on the command line.

After creating a suitable project through the TCL command line, the user can reopen the GUI and continue working there without changing the part.
To create the script you can use an existing project and modify a copy of the script.tcl created.

Please refer to UG902 or tutorial UG871 for further details.

You can also follow the instruction from this video - advance to 2:50 for the part about the TCL script re-use on the command line.
This AR also includes a small script with 2 helper functions for

1- searching for the appropriate part for a given FPGA family.
2- creating a template project with a given name and part which can be opened with the GUI.
The usage is as follow:

Script 1

util_find_parts fpga_family [items]


util_find_parts spartan6 -> lists all parts

util_find_parts spartan6 lx9 324 -> returns the list of matching parts

Script 2

util_create_proj_part projname fpgapart


util_create_proj_part projname xc6slx9csg324-2 -> create a project called projname with this part set.
Then on the command line type: 

vivado_hls -p projname

This will open the GUI with the template project and you can start to add your source files.
This issue is fixed in Vivado HLS 2014.2



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AR# 60699
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