AR# 60868


MIG 7 Series QDRII+ - invalid clock period warning message


Version Found: MIG 7 Series v2.0 Rev 3
Version Resolved: See (Xilinx Answer 54025)

When recustomizing a MIG 7 Series QDRII+ core the following warning message related to an invalid clock period setting may be displayed:

The Memory Part (Part_Name) with the Voltage 1.5V supports the clock period range 2000 - 0. Either change the clock period or select a different Memory Part Voltage


This warning was not reported when originally generating the IP, is this correct?

Can it be ignored, and if so, how can I continue to recustomize the core as the next button is greyed out?



This issue can occur during recustomization of a core and is a false warning. 

This can be safely worked around by increasing the "Clock Period" and then setting it back to 2000 ps.

Once this is done the warning will no longer stop progression through the MIG Tool.

Note: This warning re-occurs every time re-customization is done and so the workaround needs to be repeated each time.

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AR# 60868
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