AR# 61231


Aurora 64B66B v9.2Rev1 - incorrect value set for PMA_RSV attribute


The PMA_RSV attribute for Virtex-7 GTH is incorrect with Aurora 64B66B v9.2Rev1 released with VIVADO 2014.2. 

This attribute value is correct with prior releases. 

If Aurora 64B66B v9.2Rev1 is generated from VIVADO 2014.2, please correct this value as per this Answer Record.


The Correct value for PMA_RSV is: 32'h00000080

This value applies to all supported line rates. 

This issue will be fixed in Aurora 64B66B released with VIVADO 2014.3.

Revision History:

06/23/2014 - Initial Release

AR# 61231
日期 06/23/2014
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