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LogiCORE IP SMPTE2022 Video Over IP Receiver - How do I reduce the transport stream (TS) jitter at the SMPTE2022 Rx?


How do I reduce the PCR transport stream (TS) jitter at the SMPTE2022 Rx?

If the Tx is constant at 22.200 Mbps, can we also expect a stable status of 22.200 Mbps at the Rx?

Why does the Rx output vary within the range of  22.180 - 22.230 Mbps when the Tx is at a constant bit rate of 22.200 Mbps?


The SMPTE2022-1/2 and SMPTE2022-5/6 Video Over IP Receiver cores do not implement any specific de-jitter capabilities.

Removing jitter needs to be handled by the system designer.

It is recommended that users review the MPEG2 standard for information on reducing jitter.  

It also contains an informative section on PCR jitter reduction.

Note:  The SMPTE2022-1/2 and SMPTE2022-5/6 cores does not implement IGMP2/IGMP3 (Internet Group Management Protocol), but it can be implemented at the system level by software.



AR# 61336
日期 07/14/2014
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