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LogiCORE IP DisplayPort v4.2 (Rev.1) - Why do I receive a Name Protected error when using Cadence IUS for simulation?


The following "Name Protected" error is received when using Cadence IUS for simulation:

ncelab: *F,GENPAR: VHDL generic {*Name Protected*}.{*Name Protected*} displayport_v4_2_rx_vid_fifo.vhd: line 249, position 17) and verilog parameter being overridden {*Name Protected*}.{*Name Pr otected*} fifo_generator_v11_0.v: line -1, po sition -1) are not type compatible.


This will be resolved in DisplayPort v4.2 (Rev. 2) in Vivado 2014.2.

Cadence IUS users can work around this by using the namemap_mixgen option for IUS elaboration.



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AR# 61683
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