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CPLD XC9500 Family - What CPLD devices are supported in 1.5i Service Pack 2?


Keywords: XC9500, XC9500XL, XC9500XV, Service Pack, 1.5i

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
What CPLD devices are supported in 1.5i Service Pack 2 (SP2)?

Please note that the Service Pack 2 can be installed directly on top of 1.5i (without Service Pack 1) or directly on top of Service Pack 1, and the support for the devices below will be added.


1.5i Service Pack 2 9500/9500XL/9500XV Devices Supported

(Fitter or Programming Support that is added by Service Pack 2 (SP2) is noted as "New" below. Support added from Service Pack 1 (SP1) to Service Pack 2 (SP2) is noted with (**).

Fitter Support Only:

9500XV Members (2.5V) -
(New - Added fitter support for XV devices below with SP2)

XC9536XV PC44
XC9536XV CS48
XC9356XV VQ64
XC9572XV PC44
XC9572XV VQ64
XC9572XV TQ100
XC95144XV TQ100
XC95144XV TQ144
XC95144XV CS144
XC95288XV TQ144
XC95288XV PQ208
XC95288XV BG256 (**)

Fitter and Programming Support

9500 Members (5V):

9536 CS48
9536 PC44
9536 VQ44
9572 PC44
9572 PC84
9572 TQ100
9572 PQ100
95108 PC84
95108 PQ100
95108 PQ160
95108 TQ100
95144 PQ100
95144 PQ160
95144 TQ100
95216 BG352
95216 HQ208
95216 PQ160
95288 BG352
95288 HQ208

9500XL Members (3.3V):

XC9536XL PC44
XC9536XL CS48 - (New - Programming Support added in SP2)
XC9536XL VQ64
XC9572XL PC44 - (New - Programming Support in SP2)
XC9572XL VQ64 - (New -Programming Support in SP2)
XC9572XL TQ100 - (New -Programming Support in SP2)
XC9572XL CS48 - (New - Programming Support in SP2 **)
XC95144XL TQ100
XC95144XL TQ144
XC95144XL CS144
XC95288XL TQ144 - (New - Programming Support in SP2 **)
XC95288XL BG256 - (New - Programming Support in SP2 **)
XC95288XL PQ208 - (New - Programming Support in SP2 **)
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日期 06/27/2001
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