AR# 61946


Virtex UltraScale GTY - UG578 v1.0 - incorrect description for reference clock selection above 16.375 Gbps


UG578 v1.0 states on page 19 that for line rates above 16.375 Gbps a reference clock input local to the quad must be used.

This needs to be more restrictive.


For line rates > 16.375 Gbps:

  • QPLL0 can only be driven from GTREFCLK0
  • QPPL1 can only be driven from GTREFCLK1

This is added to v1.2 of the user guide.

The UltraScale Transceiver Wizard already follows this restriction.

AR# 61946
日期 12/23/2016
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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