AR# 61974

Kintex UltraScale Evaluation Board KCU105 - Why do I see a Spartan-3A DSP device in the chain when I initialize the JTAG chain?


When using the KCU105 Evaluation Board in iMPACT, I see a Spartan-3A DSP device in the JTAG chain. 

This should be an UltraScale device.

Why is it listed as a Spartan-3A DSP device?


Kintex UltraScale is not supported in ISE Design Suite (and therefore not supported in iMPACT). 

If you are targeting the Kintex UltraScale Evaluation Board KCU105, you will need to use Vivado Design Suite software.

Using the Hardware Manager in Vivado Design Suite will enable you to correctly identify and target the Kintex UltraScale KU040 device on the KCU105.

AR# 61974
日期 09/30/2014
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