AR# 6209


1.5i SP2 Virtex PAR - Par causes an invalid page fault if all IOBs on a Virtex design are locked.


Keywords : par, crash, select I/O, abnormal, program, termination, virtex, iobs

Urgency: Standard

Problem Description:
On a Virtex design PAR has an abnormal program terrmination by causing
an invalid page fault. This failure only occurs on the PC platform.


An FTP Update file is available with will correct this problem in 1.5i Service Pack 2:

CAUTION: This FTP Update is intended as a fast response for the issue
mentioned only. The risk inherent in this fast response is that there
is not enough time or resources available for the full regression testing
that is done for the Service Pack Updates and there is a higher risk of
introducing new problems. It is recommended that customers always install
the latest Service Pack Update, but only install FTP Updates when needed to
resolve specific issues.

NOTE: This FTP Update is only compatible with an A1.5i/F1.5i system that
have Service Pack 2 installed..

AR# 6209
日期 10/21/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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