AR# 62351


XAUI and RXAUI - GTP and GTH - Simulation not supported with Unifast model or SIM_GTRESET_SPEEDUP if using DRP production reset sequence


The XAUI and RXAUI cores implement the production DRP reset sequence described in the GTP and GTH Transceiver User Guides and in  (Xilinx Answer 53779) and  (Xilinx Answer 53561), when using the following configurations:

  • XAUI 7-Series GTP and GTH
  • DXAUI 7-Series GTP
  • RXAUI 7-Series GTP


The sequence above will only simulate properly if SIM_GTRESET_SPEEDUP is set to FALSE and the GT functional simulation model in the unisims library is used. 

If SIM_GTRESET_SPEEDUP is set to TRUE or if the GT functional simulation model in the unifast library is used, the above sequence must be bypassed.



AR# 62351
日期 10/22/2014
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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