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Licensing - Do activation based licenses support Flex-ID dongles?


Do activation based licenses support Flex-ID dongles?


Note: The Activation licensing flow has been deprecated and has been completely removed in Vivado 2017.3 and newer Vivado releases.

Any existing activation licenses have been replaced with certificate based licenses and added into the licensing account.

No, activation based licenses are not locked to a single Host ID (for example, MAC address, Disk serial number, Flex-ID) but are locked to a given machine based on the composite machine identifiers which include the Host-IDs.

An activation license uses a trusted storage area on the client or server's hard-drive to store the authorization credentials.

When the Vivado tools look for a license feature, they are allowed to run if this trusted storage area contains the proper authorization.

Because of the nature of activation licensing, it is not possible to lock an activation license to a single Flex-ID dongle in order to transfer the license from machine to machine.

An activation license can be returned from one machine and activated on another machine at any time.

See (Xilinx Answer 61960).

If you require the use of a dongle to move back and forth between machines, you will need have your license entitlements converted to Certificate based licenses.

To request a license change from Activation to certificate based licensing, open a technical support case with the following information.

  • Request: Activation licenses changed to Certificate licenses.
  • Reason: Flex-ID Dongle required.
  • Xilinx License account number.
  • Email address of account administrator.
  • Which license entitlements should be changed to certificate based licenses (Default will be all floating licenses).


For information on Certificate and Activation licensing, see the Xilinx Licensing FAQ:

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