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2014.3/2014.4 Vivado Simulator - WCFG file added to my Vivado project as a simulation source does not open when simulation is run


I have a WCFG file added to my Vivado project as a simulation source but it does not open automatically when I run the simulation.

I need to manually open it each time which is inconvenient when iteratively debugging a design and making constant modifications.

What is the expected behavior when I add a WCFG file to the project as a simulation source?


The expectation is that the WCFG file added to the Vivado project should open in the viewer when the simulation is run.

The following work-arounds are available at present:

  1. Manually open the WCFG file using File -> Open Waveform Configuration and navigate to the WCFG file you wish to use.
  2. In the Simulation Settings dialog, specify the "-view" switch in the "xsim.simulate.xsim.more_options" field to allow the specific WCFG to be loaded.
    You can add multiple WCFG files using this method:
        -view path_to_file1/file1.wcfg -view path_to_file2/file2.wcfg
The issue will be resolved in 2015.1 and 2015.3 as below:

In a project newly created using 2015.1 Vivado, if you add the WCFG file(s) to the project when prompted while saving the WCFG file(s), the WCFG file(s) will be opened up automatically when simulation is re-launched. 
For 2014.x projects migrated to 2015.1, please do the following:
  • Remove the WCFG file(s) from the project
  • run set_property XSIM.VIEW {} [current_fileset simset] to reset the XSIM.VIEW TCL property
  • Open the WCFG file(s) using File -> Open Waveform Configuration, make one edit in WCFG (for example, delete a signal and add it back) and select File -> Save Waveform Configuration As to save another copy of it.
    When prompted, select the option to add the WCFG file to the project.

All issues will be resolved.

XSIM.VIEW will no longer be used.

The WCFG files added to the project will be directly fetched and used.

The migration of 2014.x to 2015.1 will work automatically.



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