AR# 62870

Design Advisory for package changes for Virtex UltraScale devices and Kintex UltraScale devices


This Design Advisory Answer Record covers the package changes for Virtex UltraScale devices and Kintex UltraScale devices.


Virtex UltraScale Devices:

All of the package files for Virtex UltraScale ES2 devices have been updated.

Below are some issues with the updates in 2014.4:

  • VU080: C1517 and D1924 should not be used for board design. The pins in the C1517 will change and the D1924 will be removed.
  • VU125: B1760 will not support HLS or specific IBERT functionality, and this part/package is not available in XPE in 2014.4.
  • VU160 and VU190: A2377: This package will be removed and is no longer being offered.

Kintex UltraScale Devices:

The B1517 and A1760 packages have been replaced by D1517 and B1760 packages for Kintex UltraScale devices.

Two new packages - A2104 and B2104 have been added for KU115 devices.

There is one known issue:

  • KU115 and KU100: B1760 will not support HLS or specific IBERT functionality in Vivado 2014.4, but the future Vivado release will solve this issue; This part/package is not available in XPE in 2014.4.

The New Package Files and Documentation:

The package pinout files can be found at:

The product documentation is updated and can be downloaded from

Development Tool Support:

Vivado 2014.4 can support the following new packages:


  • KU115: B1760*


  • VU095: B1760*, B2104*, C2104, A2104
  • VU125: B1760*, B2104*, C2104
  • VU160: B2104*, C2104
  • VU190: B2104*, C2104, A2577*

Note: * Packages will have a single HPIO half bank which is not visible in Vivado in 2014.4.

This half bank of I/O's will become visible in the 2015.1 Vivado release, and these pins are included in the PKG file available for download at the link above.

  • B1760 will not support Bank 51
  • B2104 and A2577 will not support Bank 68, the A2577 will also not support Bank 66
  • D1517 will not support Bank 67

The rest of the packages will be supported in the 2014.4.1 Vivado tool release including:

  • KU100: D1517*, B2104 NO LONGER SUPPORTED
  • KU115: D1517*, B2104, A2104
  • VU065: C1517
  • VU080: D1517*, C1517
  • VU095: D1517*, C1517
  • VU125: D1517*

The Virtex UltraScale VU095 ES1 Package File:
The VU095ES1 packages will be discontinued, and will be available in Vivado as ES1 parts until support for ES1 is removed.

Note that package files for ES1 devices are different from the packages files for ES2 devices.

Customers who will use Virtex UltraScale VU095 ES1 devices should create a Technical Support case or contact their Xilinx representative.

Revision History:

  • 11/23/14 - Initial release
  • 11/24 - Update with package details
AR# 62870
日期 05/27/2015
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