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CORE Generator, MTI - "Error: Unknown identifier 'xilinxcorelib'" appears when I compile CORE Generator VHDL BaseBlox in MTI


The following error message appears when I compile the CORE Generator VHDL BaseBlox models in MTI:

"Error: Unknown identifier 'xilinxcorelib'."


MTI for Workstations is case-sensitive when it interprets library names in the VHDL models. This causes a problem, as "get_models" creates a library name called "XilinxCoreLib", while CORE Generator writes out the library references for the BaseBlox models as "xilinxcorelib".

For compilation to succeed, you must follow the instructions in the CORE Generator User Guide and define a library called "xilinxcorelib", then map all references to "xilinxcorelib" in the models to the fully qualified path to your locally compiled xilinxcorelib library (note that the "xilinxcorelib" directory reference uses all lowercase characters):

vlib xilinxcorelib

vmap xilinxcorelib /home/projects/proj1/xilinxcorelib

The same error may be seen if the following declaration is missing from your VHDL file:

library XilinxCoreLib;

This must be declared before the VHDL configuration declaration.
AR# 6300
日期 07/28/2010
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