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VCS - How do I back annotate the SDF file for timing simulation?


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How do I back annotate the SDF file for timing simulation using VCS?

There are two methods to back annotate delay values from an SDF file:

- Compiling the SDF file at compile-time

- Reading the ASCII SDF file at run-time


To compile the SDF file at compile time, use the +compsdf option as follows:

vcsi -R -f options.f +compsdf

VCS will default to an SDF file that has the same name as the top-level simulation netlist. If you want to use a different SDF file, specify the SDF file name after the +compsdf option; this requires no table files on the command line, VCS automatically determines the required capabilities.

To read the ASCII SDF file at run-time, you must provide a table file with the -P option as follows:

Create a PLI table file ( that maps the $sdf_annotate system task to the C function sdf_annotate_call. Use the -P switch to specify this file as follows:

vcs -P -y $XILINX/verilog/src/simprims +libext+.v time_sim.v

The following is an example of an entry in the file for your design:

$sdf_annotate call=sdf_ annotate_ call acc+=tchk, mp, mipb:%CELL+

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