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IBIS-AMI simulation Kit: what is included in the package Scattering Parameter models


The IBIS-AMI model for the HSSIO Transmitter and Receiver AND the Scattering models for the Package are provided together.

The Scattering model represents the worst case channel in the available packages for that device.

It is provided as a Touchstone format file with the format .s4p, representing two coupled single ended transmission lines.

This means that crosstalk between adjacent channels is not considered.

Usually, the connections is 

Xilinx Pkg Tx:  [1 3 2 4]

Xilinx Pkg Rx:  [1 3 2 4]

Port 1 and port 2 represent the input differential port

Port 3 and port 4 represent the output differential port. 

Please refer to the picture below.


This article covers what is included in the Package model, and how the model is generated.



All of the following are included in the package model.

Everything except PCB portions:

  • die pad
  • connection to FPGA substrate pad
  • FPGA substrate pad
  • FPGA substrate
  • connection to solderball
  • solderball

the model includes the following effects:

  • all substrate traces
  • vias
  • planes
  • dielectric losses
  • skin effect losses

The model does not include a laminate weave effect.

This Answer Record is valid for all of our package models provided in AMI packages.

3D EM tools extract the models starting from the layout geometry information.

AR# 63745
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