AR# 64062


UltraScale GTY RX reset in Near End PMA loopback (TX->RX serial loopback)


Data integrity failure and rotating RXOUTCLK can occur occasionally after a GTRXRESET when in near end PMA loopback mode at line rates above 25 Gbps.


Use the following reset sequence when using near end PMA loopback for high line rates >= 25G

1. Have GTY in non loopback mode (LOOOPBACK=3'b000), reset using GTRXRESET.
2. Put GTY in near end PMA looopback (LOOPBACK=3'b010).
3. Reset RX using RXPMARESET.
If line rate is < 25G, the GTY can be put into near end PMA loopback reset normally without issue and the above sequence is not needed.
AR# 64062
日期 04/17/2015
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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