AR# 64106

Licensing - Restoration of borrowed license fails without error message when multiple licenses are selected


In Vivado License Manager (VLM) version 2015.1 or later,  I select multiple borrowed licenses and press the "Borrow/Restore" and then "Restore" button.

After a short time an information dialog appears informing me that the restoration has completed.

However, the restoration did not actually complete because the restoration of some on my licenses failed due to a network problem.

Although VLM no longer shows the licenses as borrowed, the seat number is incorrect after restoration.

If I run "xlicclientmgr -v" I see some fulfillment records remain in TS and are marked as "Disabled".

For Example:

C:\temp>xlicclientmgr -v
Viewing application trusted storage.
U if untrusted
. D if disabled
. . fulfillmentType
. . . Expiry   Count FulfillmentId                   ProductId
. D 4 04-mar-2015  1 FID-1425439292                  PID_20150126163235
. D 4 04-mar-2015  1 FID-1425439617                  PID_20150126163235
. D 4 04-mar-2015  1 FID-1425439643                  PID_20150126163235

Viewed 3 of 3 fulfillment records.


This problem occurs when the network connection to the license server is unstable.

It is possible for this situation to arise when restoring a single license.  

However, it is statistically more likely to happen when multiple licenses are restored at the same time on a network that has glitches.

You can use the following command to restore each disabled license individually.

xlicclientmgr -restore "fulfillmentId=<fid>" "server=<server>"

AR# 64106
日期 04/19/2017
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