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AR# 64206

2015.1 - SDK New Features - How to simultaneously debug multiple processors in SDK System Debugger


This is a brief demonstration on how to simultaneously debug two processors using System Debugger in SDK 2015.1.

In this particular demo, two MicroBlazes are used. 

However, the same flow will apply for any supported processor in SDK.


A simple design consisting of two MicroBlazes and a single UART was created in Vivado IP Integrator for this demo. 

This can be seen below:

The hardware is built, and exported to SDK, and two Hello World applications are created.
The next step is to program the FPGA and set up the debug configuration.
To program the FPGA, go to Xilinx Tools -> Program FPGA -> Program  
To set up the debug configuration follow the steps below:
Open a Debug configuration:
Double click on the Xilinx C/C++ application (System Debugger): 


This will create the application debug for the first processor.

Under the Application tab, highlight the first processor and tick the Download application box:


Double click again on the Xilinx C/C++ application (System Debugger) to create the application debug for the second processor. 

Under the Application tab, highlight the second processor and tick the Download application box:

Note: rename this to mb_1 Debug in the Name field and selected Apply.

Select Debug to continue, and select Yes to accept the perspective switch.


This will launch the debug perspective view.  Below is the main for both Hello World applications:



You can now step to, into, over and resume on both applications by highlighting their respective processors:

AR# 64206
日期 04/30/2015
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2015.1
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2014.4.1