AR# 64249

KCU105 - UG917 (v1.1), Table 1-17 "FPGA U1 to CP2105GM U34 Connections" is incorrect


The first two lines of Table 1-17 in (UG917) are incorrect. 

The function / direction and associated pins do not match up with the board schematic (U34), board constraints and Fig 1-21 in (UG917).
It should read:
G25  RX  Input  LVCMOS18  USB_UART_TX  21  TXD  Output
K26  TX  Output LVCMOS18  USB_UART_RX  20  RXD  Input


The Schematic Net Names USB_UART_TX and USB_UART_RX are named from the perspective of the CP2105GM chip, and are thus opposites from the perspective of the FPGA UART peripheral.
The first two lines of Table 1-17 in (UG917) (v1.1 4-Apr-2015) are incorrect.

Table 1-17 in UG917 v1.2 has been updated as follows: 



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AR# 64249
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