AR# 64474


SRIO Gen2 v3.2: soft_reset is connected to GND


In the top level srio_gt_wrapper file, the signal soft_reset_in is connected to ground.


The following RTL can be used to work around this issue:

// below code synchronizes the gt_pcs_rst to drp_clk which is used by the RX/TX Reset FSM
reg [3:0] soft_reset_in_sync_srl;
wire soft_reset_in_sync;
always @(posedge drpclk or posedge gt_pcs_rst) begin
if (gt_pcs_rst) begin
soft_reset_in_sync_srl <= 4'b1111;
end else begin
soft_reset_in_sync_srl <= {soft_reset_in_sync_srl[2:0], 1'b0};
assign soft_reset_in_sync = soft_reset_in_sync_srl[3];

You will also need to update the following line of code:

.soft_reset_in(soft_reset_in_sync), // earlier it was connected to gnd

The same updates are present in the top level SRIO GT wrappers for the v3.3 version of the core.

The AR is targeted to Kintex-7, Virtex-7, Virtex-7 GTH, and Artix-7 GTP devices.

UltraScale devices do not require this update.
AR# 64474
日期 06/12/2015
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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