AR# 6497


2.1i COREGEN: CORE Generator Web links may not use the Web browser specified during 2.1i installation


General Description: netscape, explorer, internet, browser, web, coregen

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When accessing the Web, CORE Generator is not using the preferred Web browser
specified during XILINX tools installation.


Currently, CORE Generator checks the system registry to determine what the
default web browser should be.

If your system default browser is not set to what you would like to use with
the CORE Generator, you can override this setting by specifying your preferred
web browser in the CORE Generator preferences file:

Windows: $XILINX\coregen\preferences\coregen_<username>.prf.
UNIX: $XILINX/coregen/preferences/coregen_<username>.prf

1. If you have not started up CORE Generator before, start up COREGen.
2. Create a new project.
3. Exit coregen.
4. A file named 'coregen_<username>.prf should now have been created
in the directory,


5. Edit the "browser" settting in this file to point to the location of your
preferred browser:



Windows: browser = c:\\program files\\netscape\\communi-

UNIX: browser = /usr/local/bin/netscape

(Note that double backslash path delimiters are required on the PC platform)

6. Exit COREGen and start it up again to make the change take effect.
The specified web browser will be used the next time you start up COREGen.
AR# 6497
日期 09/03/2001
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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