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Boards and Kits - VCU108 Evaluation Kit Board Interface Test - Silicon Labs CP210x USB UART Drivers


When running the VCU108 Board Interface Test (BIT), it can happen that the board will identify, post its serial number and MAC ID, but other tests will not start.

What could be the explanation for this behavior?


If, when running the VCU108 BIT, the board is identified and posts its serial number and MAC ID, but other tests do not start, then the UART drivers might need to be re-installed.

The CP210x USB UART drivers from Silicon Labs need to be up to date for the Board Interface Test to run successfully. 

If the USB UART drivers on the PC are older or out of date, the tests will not start correctly.

To resolve this, close out the BIT, making sure that HW_Manager is also closed.

Go to (UG1033) Silicon Labs CP210x USB-to-UART Installation Guide and follow the instructions on installing the latest Silicon Labs CP210x USB UART Drivers.



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AR# 65082
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