AR# 6519


2.1i FPGA Editor - Autoroute returns "ERROR:FPGAEditor:356 - Nothing found to autoroute."


Keywords: autoroute, error, 356, nothing, found

Urgency: Standard

General Desciption:
When I select an unrouted net and attempt an autoroute, FPGA Editor returns the following error:

WARNING:FPGAEditor:313 - Failed to route net "GLOBAL_LOGIC0".
ERROR:FPGAEditor:356 - Nothing found to autoroute.


The error can be ignored, but the warning is a valid message. However, the NCD file is fine and can be run through BitGen without any problems.

This will be fixed in a future software release.
AR# 6519
日期 07/09/2001
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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