AR# 65569


7 Series Transceivers Wizard - Virtex-7 GTH QPLL temperature compensation attribute update


This answer record covers the Virtex-7 GTH QPLL use case generated from the 7 Series Transceivers Wizard.

User applications which have an operating temperature range of 100dc or above (i.e. GTH operating without being reset) might see higher jitter on receiver and transmitter.

This is due to the non-optimal temperature compensation attribute settings related to QPLL.


In applications where continuous GTH operation over a temperature range of 100dc or above is required, COMMON_CFG[6] should be set to 1'b1. The 7 Series FPGAs Transceivers Wizard in Vivado 2016.2 will have this attribute value updated to 1'b1.

Artix-7 GTP, Zynq-7000 GTP and GTX, Kintex-7 GTX based QPLL and CPLL are not impacted. UltraScale GTH and GTY QPLL temperature compensation attributes have been updated to optimal values in Vivado 2015.2.

AR# 65569
日期 04/15/2016
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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