AR# 6603


9.1i FPGA Editor - I am unable to un-highlight a component after adding and highlighting it


I selected an empty component, added it, and then pressed "highlight." Now, I am having difficulty un-highlighting the component.


You are highlighting the outline of the site instead of the actual component. (This happens because the site is still selected after you have added the component.) There are a number of ways to avoid this:

- You can turn on the "autodeselect" feature using the main property sheet, or use the command "setattr main auto-deselect on". This option will automatically deselect any component after a command has been issued on it.

- Select the site using the command "select site <siteName>", then go to View -> "un-highlight".

- You can also define a hot key (the letter "s" for example) with the following command:

alias [s] "pick -order site:etc

Then, point the cursor over the site, press the hot key and the site will be selected. Now, you have the ability to un-highlight it.

AR# 6603
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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