AR# 66301


LogiCORE DisplayPort v6.1 (Rev. 1) - Patch Updates for the DisplayPort IP


This answer record contains patch updates for the DisplayPort IP v6.1 (Rev. 1).


This patch addresses the following issues:

(Xilinx Answer 66371) When enabling "Additional Transceiver Control and Status Ports", if I close the GUI and re-open it, this option is un-checked
(Xilinx Answer 66372) Why does the option to select Quad Pixel remain disabled when changing the number of lanes from 1 back to 4?
(Xilinx Answer 66373) Why does selecting YCrCb 422 in the GUI not have any effect in the Hardware?
(Xilinx Answer 66565) Why is the lnk_fwdclk_p/n reference input clock grounded for the RX IP for UltraScale Devices?
(Xilinx Answer 66907) Why do I see training Lost Interrupts after training done and while the Video is Running in the RX core?

This patch will also be available in Vivado 2016.1. Users needing this patch are advised to update to Vivado 2016.1 or later when it is available.

Install the patch as per the instructions in the included README.txt file to resolve this issue.


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54522 LogiCORE IP DisplayPort -面向 Vivado 2013.1 和更新工具版本的版本说明和已知问题 N/A N/A


AR# 66301
日期 04/12/2016
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