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UltraScale Boards and Kits - Are the power supplies provided with UltraScale Boards and Kits interchangeable?


UltraScale Boards and Kits, such as the KCU105 and VCU108 are sold with a power supply.

Are these power supplies interchangeable between different boards in the UltraScale family?


The power supplies provided with the various UltraScale Boards and Kits are not interchangeable.

This is due to the differing power ratings for each of the provided supplies. The table below outlines the power ratings for each board's power supply:

Board Power Supply
KCU105 100 - 240VAC Input, 12VDC 5.0A Output
KCU1250 100 - 240VAC Input, 12VDC 6.67A Output
VCU108 100 - 240VAC Input, 12VDC 6.67A Output
VCU110 180W, 12VDC 15.0A Output
VCU1287 100 - 240VAC Input, 12VDC 6.67A Output

AR# 66337
日期 01/08/2016
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