AR# 6645


2.1i XC9500XL Hprep6 - Access violation error when using a test vector file for xc95288xl BG256.


Keywords: 2.1i, CPLD, Access, violation, test, vector, file, 95288, BG256

Urgency: Standard

General Description: When using a jedec file with test vectors for this specific
package hprep6 produces a access violation error.


Dr. Watson for Windows NT:
An application error has occoured and an application eror log is being generated.
hprep6.exe Exception: access violation (0xc0000005), Address: 0x78005447

This is fixed in the latest service pack available at:
AR# 6645
日期 08/27/2001
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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