AR# 665


Sun4 version of Muncher fails with usage error


While fitting an XEPLD design, the following error may be reported:

Munching unused logic resources
usage: muncher [-options ...]

where options include:
-display host:dpy X server to use
-geometry geom size of window
-r use root window
-s seed random seed value
-v verbose mode
-q quiet mode

Errors found by MUNCHER! Please examine the '<design>.log' file
for details. Retry after fixing errors.


The search path may be pointing to the muncher program in the
/usr/openwin/demo or /usr/bin/X11 directories.

Type "which muncher" to verify the location of the muncher program
being used. Modify the path so that the directory containing the XEPLD
executables is before the /usr/openwin/demo or /usr/bin/X11 directory.
AR# 665
日期 10/01/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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