AR# 6661


2.1i Design Manager - On Win95 if you press implement twice,"RPC Wmsg Window" appears


Keywords: W95, implement, RPC, displayed, 98, NT

On Win95, if a user presses the Implement button twice on the
same revision, a "RPC Wmsg Window" appears on the top
left hand corner of the screen.


This message is essentially harmless.

The RPC window should merely be left open. The message
itself comes from the interprocess communication that takes
place between the Design Manager and Flow Engine tools.

On the W98 and Win NT platforms, it is harmless if you try
to close the RPC window down. However, on W95, attempting
to shut down this window will require you to halt your implementation
and evetually require a reboot of you system.

As noted above, simply leave this window open.
AR# 6661
日期 04/27/2006
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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