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AR# 6673

4.2i Foundation Project Manager - How do I add command line options to templates for implementation programs?


Keywords: add, template, command line, option, implementation, NGDBuild, MAP, PAR, BitGen

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
How do I add command line options to implementation programs (map.exe, par.exe, etc.)?


From the project manager:

1. Select the "Tool" menu.
2. Select the "Utilities" option.
3. Select "Implementation Template Manager"

In the new window that appears:
1. Select the appropriate device family from the "Family" drop-down list.
2. Select "Implementation Templates" from the choice of templates (select "Configuration Templates" for BitGen options).
3. Select the Default template, or create your own template.
4. Click the "Customize" button.

In the new window that appears:
1. Select the program name from the drop-down menu.
2 Type the command line option in the "Program Options" field.
3. Select "Set".
4. Click "OK".

Return to the project manager and implement your design. Monitor the flow log to ensure that the option you selected is used. If the option is not used, an entry error may have occurred; if so, recheck the Template Manager to ensure that the option is there, is correctly entered, and is attached to the correct program.
AR# 6673
日期 08/12/2003
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章