AR# 66968

2015.4 Vivado - Write_debug_probes command is not issued if opt_design is disabled


In Vivado 2015.x, the write_debug_probes command is called as part of the opt_design step in the project flow.

However, opt_design is an optional step. It can be disabled for example, by running the following:

set_property STEPS.OPT_DESIGN.IS_ENABLED 0 [get_runs impl_1]

This means that Vivado will not generate the .ltx file when opt_design is disabled.


In Vivado 2016.1 the "write_debug_probes" call is moved from the opt_design step to the init_design step.

AR# 66968
日期 04/07/2016
状态 Active
Type 已知问题