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2016 Vivado - Vivado User Interface (GUI) and Project Management Known Issues


This answer record contains a list of Vivado Design Suite graphical user interface and project management known issues for Vivado IDE 2016.x.


Outstanding Known Issues in Vivado Design Suite 2016.4

(Xilinx Answer 53243)Replace File" directory browser does not update "Date Modified" field
(Xilinx Answer 55052)Vivado does not preserve XDC wildcards in generated Design Check Point (DCP)
(Xilinx Answer 55418)Message suppression rules are not editable
(Xilinx Answer 66827)Code Editor shows gargled text for long lines on RHEL 7.1 OS
(Xilinx Answer 66978)Implementation log file (.vdi) in the reports view gets overwritten if Generate Bitstream is rerun
(Xilinx Answer 68249)Code editor is truncating large files at 2MB
(Xilinx Answer 68295)Saving constraints gives "ERROR: [Common 17-53] User Exception: A file was added to constraint set constrs_1 after the implementation design was open


Known Issues Resolved in Vivado 2016.4

(Xilinx Answer 68080)Loading ILA data in Vivado Hardware Manager gives an Internal Exception
(Xilinx Answer 68137)The create_project command returns an ERROR for directories containing '@' amd '$'

Known Issues Resolved in Vivado 2016.3

(Xilinx Answer 66986)PDF file created with "Save as PDF' in Block Design does not show RTL logos for blocks in the design
(Xilinx Answer 66816)Code Editor does not change font of Text with syntax errors based on Tool preferences
(Xilinx Answer 67499)Loading a synthesized or implemented design in Vivado gives an Internal Exception and the error message "Xgd File 'xc****.xgd' is missing"
(Xilinx Answer 67915)Deleting a PBLOCK which contains objects selected in an open Timing window causes internal Exception
(Xilinx Answer 68271)Path pulse options should be added in simulate step .do file of Questa for timing simulation
(Xilinx Answer 68316)Running a net search in ECO layout with a large design hangs Vivado

Known Issues Resolved in Vivado 2016.2

(Xilinx Answer 66985)Launching Vivado on a remote CentOS machine opens an X11 xterm instead
(Xilinx Answer 67917)(UG888) Tcl script hangs when run from the Text Editor


Known Issues Resolved in Vivado 2016.1

(Xilinx Answer 64191)CRITICAL WARNING: [Pfi 67-14] Hardware Handoff if original location of .hwdef file is not found
(Xilinx Answer 65564)Mem file not copied to simulation directory - ERROR: [VRFC 10-451] cannot open file 'int_infile
(Xilinx Answer 66967)Exporting simulation files for Questa simulator generates files for all supported simulation tools
(Xilinx Answer 66968)Write_debug_probes command is not issued if opt_design is disable
(Xilinx Answer 67236)Tcl regular expression syntax for filter function changed to BOOST
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